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Trebas Institute Persists as an Entertainment Industry Giant

12 DEC 2012
Topic : Education News

Trebas continues to lead entertainment education with cutting edge technology and forward thinking instructors.

Montreal, Quebec Trebas Institute continues to be Canada’s leading entertainment industry educator. With campuses in both Toronto and Montreal, Trebas extends their course and program offerings to aspiring musicians, artists and creative minds in two of Canada’s most entertainment-centric cities.

Trebas offers a variety of programs across both city campuses, including:

  •     Studio Recording and Live Sound
  •     Sound Design
  •     DJ Arts and Technology
  •     Film & Television Production & Post-Production
  •     Audio Engineering and Production/DJ Arts
  •     Music Business Administration
  •     Entertainment Management
  •     Event & Venue Management


The Montreal campus offers their programs in both English and French. Regardless of which campus students choose to study at, they can expect direct access to the most cutting edge industry technology found in a film or sound engineer school, and learn from instructors with first-hand industry experience.

With a significant number of past and recent graduates working in every level of the entertainment industry from producer to artist, Trebas is a front-runner among recording and film schools in Canada for creativity as well as technology. The resources and knowledge that Trebas provides students has helped alumni win a total of 12 Grammy awards and even more nominations, including David Mustaine, lead guitarist and vocalist of the band Megadeth, and two-time Grammy winner Michael Piersante.

Originating in Montreal, Quebec with a first-time class of twenty-five students, Trebas began paving the way to relieving recording studio staffing problems and to feed a burgeoning Canadian recording industry. Since its founding, Trebas has been on the forefront of technological innovation. Before the introduction of the compact disc, Trebas was offering a digital recording course. This level of forward thinking also allowed Trebas be the very first college to introduce 3D Film Production training in North America. From screen writing to film editing and music theory to digital recording formats, Trebas continues to transform students into industry experts.