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Inspiring students: our hopes for 2014

2 JAN 2014
Topic : Education News

2013 is flagging – it’s nearly time for 2014 to take over and start its year-long shift. It has been a busy year for students.

Students at Sussex occupied their campus in protest at the privatisation of uni services (and were temporarily banned for re-occupying later in the year). Changes to study visas brought new problems to international students. Friction between students and the police led to sparks: fromsecret footage of police spying on Cambridge students causing an outcry, to a national “cops off campus” demo against police violence. And the banning of Robin Thick’s Blurred Lines was just one example of the student feminism movement gathering pace.

But as well as the headline-grabbing events, there have also been the daily challenges faced by students – money problems, sexism, mental health issues and just wondering what they’ll be doing in five years time.

We asked some of the students who have inspired us this year to share their views of 2013, and tell us their hopes for 2014. This is what they had to say.

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