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“How do you make it through finals?” Contest Winners Announced

27 JAN 2014
Topic : Contests


We asked you to share some stories and survival tips for making it through finals, and wow, did you ever deliver! We had an overwhelming response to the contest, with tons of people sharing a wealth of great tips.

You gave us some innovative study ideas and great anecdotes about the stressful side of studying for finals that included everything from fuelling your late-night cram sessions with pots and pots of coffee to going for a jog to clear your head and get your adrenaline going.

Now we’re excited to announce that five lucky people are going to be receiving a $50 Starbucks gift card to help combat school-induced fatigue and energize themselves for the next round of late-night studying!

Congratulations to our winners: Edward Sett, Jeff Clark, Sheila Korman, Gisselle Ornelas and Sharon Gagne!