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High Demand for Engineering, IT and Sales Graduates in TO

27 FEB 2012
Topic : Education News

A new report released by the Toronto Region Research Alliance shows an improving labour market for qualified engineers, IT professionals and technical sales (get studying!). The report provided a supply/demand analysis for more than 60 occupations requiring university or college education, then compared nine international regions, including the Toronto region.

Occupations spanned a wide range of fields, including business and commerce, engineering, health, information technology, and sciences. Demand in this case as estimated through the number of new jobs created this year. Supply, on the other hand, was estimated from the actual number of people graduating from post-secondary institutions in 2010.

The Toronto Region Research Alliance report indicates the following projections for 2012:

  • There is a high demand for engineering occupations
  • Information technology occupations are also high demand
  • Both engineering and IT occupations, however, are currently undersupplied
  • Design occupations, meanwhile, are undersupplied (despite a lower demand)
  • Technical sales skills will be in high demand in the Toronto region

The report also indicates that among Toronto youth, interest in occupations is highest in business and commerce (and lowest in IT and engineering). This may represent an opportunity for immigrants and other qualified professionals and students to the city and region.

Toronto Region Research Alliance

In addition, it also makes the point that sales training is usually not included in PSE programs, including business programs, where it is often offered as an elective. The fact that such a high demand for these occupations and skills exists in the region, however, could provide an opportunity for career and business colleges in the region.

What do you think about these findings? Are you surprised by the lack of interest in IT and engineering programs?