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Global Tuition Outpaced by Inflation

28 MAR 2012
Topic : Education News

Amid reports of Ontario’s seventh consecutive tuition hike, and the never-ending student protests in Quebec regarding school fees, it’s worth noting that university tuition fees rose around the world by 2.58% in 2011. According to a new global tuition fee index, however, since this came at a time of significant inflation in many parts of the world the global tuition index actually fell by 1.76%.

“In the United States and South Africa, tuition increased by more than five percent over and above inflation,” Alex Usher, co-author of 2011 Year in Review: Global Changes in Tuition Fee Policies and Student Assistance (he’s also the president of Higher Education Strategy Associates (HESA)), said in a press release. “In Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Russia and Turkey, tuition decreased by five percent, over and above inflation,” he said.

Aside from tracking tuition fee trends, the report also looked at student aid and indicated that aid increased significantly in Chile, Colombia, Singapore, South Africa, Indonesia and Nigeria. Taking these two metrics together (tiotion and aid), the report showed that while education affordability increased in places like Colombia, France, Germany, Sweden and Saudi Arabia, it decreased in the U.S., the Philippines, Spain and Canada (let’s make sure not to show this to any striking students in Quebec, they may literally never stop protesting), among others. Shifts in affordability, by the way, refer to tuition increases that are not offset by student aid increases.

Ultimately, the report states that tuition trends are “volatile” around the world, and it fully expects this volatility to continue well into 2012. If you’ve been in Downtown Montreal lately, it’s hard to argue with that.

What do you think about these findings?