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German firms transplant European apprentice model to US

3 JAN 2014
Topic : Education News

As a high school junior in Charlotte, North Carolina, Hope Johnson thought she had things figured out. She’d been hit with wanderlust during an academic trip to Brazil, set her sights on London’s Richmond University and hoped to pursue a career in diplomacy.

It was just the kind of white-collar job that would take her far from the confines of her modest southern city and please her dad, an elevator repairman who wanted his daughter to graduate from a four-year college.

That was before the 16-year-old was offered a life-defining choice by Siemens, the German industrial conglomerate: drop everything, enrol in a competitive European-style apprenticeship, and get a free technical education and job in return.

Johnson opted for the job. The allure of college life was strong, she said, “but you gotta pay the bills”.

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