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U of T Faculty Launches Fundraising Campaign

4 APR 2012
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U of T’s Faculty of Arts and Science have launched a $250-million fundraising campaign. As you can imagine, a campaign of this scale is unprecedented in Canada, at least when it comes to faculties of Arts and Sciences.

For a better sense of what that large sum will provide, check out what Professor Meric Gertler, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, had to say: “We will seek philanthropic support to expand our innovative undergraduate programs that promote interdisciplinary thinking, first-year learning communities, international learning experiences and research opportunities.

We will also seek to bolster our scholarship endowment to ensure access and opportunity to our undergraduates, and attract the best domestic and international graduate students. Combined with the past generosity of visionary donors, this new support will strengthen our efforts to ensure that all qualified candidates, regardless of their financial means, can pursue their academic dreams here,” Gertler said.

University of Toronto

Photo by Dave Chan.

All of this falls under the umbrella of University of Toronto’s monster fundraising campaign:  Boundless, which hopes to raise an historic $2-billion.

These are the campaign’s two “central pillars”:

  • Preparing global citizens will foster international fluency and leadership skills among the University’s almost 80,000 undergraduate and graduate students – by raising funds to support student awards and build learning environments that nurture creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, disciplinary excellence, interdisciplinary inquiry and global perspectives.
  • Meeting global challenges will support path-breaking research and teaching that generates solutions for healthy, sustainable and successful societies, while also strengthening the essential foundation of basic research. Funds raised will support the University’s world-class minds, attract a new generation of “rising star” faculty and make critical enhancements to programs and infrastructure.

“Canada must have universities that can achieve two related goals: conduct the advanced research that will help solve the grand challenges humanity now faces, and offer the best and brightest students an exceptional education to help them build a better world. No university in Canada is better positioned to meet those objectives than the University of Toronto,” University of Toronto President David Naylor said at the launch of the campaign.

Amazingly enough, almost half of the $2 billion taget —$966 million — has already been secured. These are, quite frankly, crazy sums of money. We’ll keep you updated on how all this progresses.

What do you think about what the Faculty of Arts and Science is doing?