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Yves Bolduc Resigns as Education Minister Following Strip-Search Controversy

27 FEB 2015
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Readers may remember several weeks ago when Quebec Education Minister Yves Bolduc went under fire for condoning a strip search performed by teachers on a high schooler who was suspected of selling drugs.

According to Bolduc, strip searches are legal, so long as they are conducted in a “very respectful” manner. Parents, students and rights activists alike spoke out against Bolduc and the new trend of teachers patrolling high schools like police officers.

In the past, Bolduc has also been criticized for saying that school libraries don’t need any additional books, and for taking a $200,000 bonus from the Quebec government while he temporarily returned to his medical practice.

On his resignation, Bolduc has stated:

“I took the personal decision to return to my medical practice. It was my own decision.”

After the Quebec City strip-search controversy, and only several days before his resignation, Bolduc appointed a lawyer to head the investigation of the strip-search incident. This was to gain more facts on the issue before any changes were made to the policy.

Bolduc’s lack of initiative for education reform has been a major criticism since he came into office last year.

Source: CBC News