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Yes, Colleges DO Check Your Social Media Accounts

20 NOV 2014
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While all of us searching for jobs are aware that we should keep our social media accounts set to private, high schoolers may make the mistake of thinking this precaution doesn’t apply to them. Little do they know, colleges are increasingly doing background checks on candidates via Facebook and Twitter. The New York Times has reported about students who have made rude remarks about a school or teachers on Twitter, only to get rejected later on. Remember everyone: if a university or college has a Twitter, they will be checking who’s talking about them!

While we wouldn’t go so far to say that every university is checking up on their admissions like this, it is very likely that if you are vying for a competitive spot, you’ll be checked up on in some way. In today’s world, ones online reputation is becoming just as important as their in-person reputation.

So how do I stop this from happening to me? Well, first and foremost, watch what you Tweet! Anyone in a position where they are being judged for acceptance, whether to a job or a school, should be wary of how they present themselves online. If your social media accounts cannot be set to private, then keep your public statements appropriate—which truly, they should be anyway.

Source: New York Times