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World of Children Awards Announces New Education Category

2 FEB 2015
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The annual World of Children Award was founded in San Francisco as a way to recognize change makers in education, health, youth and humanitarian work. Nominees have been chosen from 80 different countries worldwide. In the past, many of the awards were given to health advocates, or those running hospitals in developing countries. This year a new category has been added: the Education Award.

To be a nominee for the Education Award, one must be the founder or co-founder of a non-profit organization whose focus is mainly children, have done this work for over 10 years and do this work for little or no compensation. Nominees are those who are working to make education accessible to specific populations, or who are innovating new learning techniques. The award comes with a grant of $50,000 to secure the winner’s continued work in the field of education.

Awards such as the World of Children Award help make education a priority in the lives of those in developing countries. It is well known that education can help reverse the pattern of poverty and disease. Countries such as South Korea, for example, rapidly developed in just 50 years due to a heavy government focus on education. Even now, education is one of the highest priorities in the country.

How can education awards and grants make a difference in developing countries?

Source: Huffington Post