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World Bank Gives $5 Billion to Education Initiative

25 MAY 2015
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With aims to improve the quality of education being offered to students around the world, the World Bank announced on May 18th that they would be providing $5 billion to education—double the amount allotted in the past five years.

According to the World Bank, these funds will benefit the 250 million students who cannot read or write despite attending school, and another 120 million who are not currently enrolled in school.

In 2000, the United Nations set out a list of 15-year goals to improve education around the world. This new funding by the World Bank will be a part of a new 15-year initiative by the UN called “Sustainable Development Goals”.

This funding will go along with the World Bank’s initiative to eliminate poverty by 2030, and by this time ensure that all students are in school, and are receiving an adequate education.

Source: Huffington Post