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More Women Than Ever Entering MBA Programs

2 SEP 2014
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More Women than ever Being Admitted to MBA Programs

Despite the known and frequently reported imbalance of males to females in the entrepreneurial and investment sectors of the business world, more women than ever are being admitted to top university MBA programs.

Out of the 940 students enrolled in Harvard’s 2014 MBA program, a record 41% were women. Continuing the trend, Pennsylvania’s Wharton school saw 42% female incoming students. These numbers are much better than in 1999, when only 30% of MBA students in the United States were female.

Perhaps these new numbers will reflect a change to the issue of gender imbalance within the coming decades. The gender wage gap will also likely become more and more the focus of discussion, with increasing amounts of women coming out of business school.

The wage gap itself is a large reason why fewer women than men attend business schools in the first place. Perhaps the answer for MBA gender imbalance lies in improving the possibilities for women, and working to eliminate the disadvantages they face once graduating from business schools.

How do you feel about the prospects for women graduating from MBA programs?

Source: Business Week