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Best Websites for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

5 NOV 2014
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So you have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, you’re just not sure where to start. How about one of these 15 websites has laid out for people just like you? We’ll take you through some of the best online resources, and why you should use them.

Open Culture
This website speaks to all those who never got the chance to go to business school. With over 150 online business courses, you can learn everything you’ve ever wondered about business, and it’s all free.  

SEO optimization is key for getting online users and potential clients to your website. Moz is a fantastic and free way to learn SEO optimization, how to get a social media presence, and link building.

Code Academy
If you’re planning on starting a business in this day and age, you’ll need a website so people can check out your services. You could always hire someone to do this for you, but as a beginner entrepreneur, you probably don’t have that much money. Instead, you could take free coding classes at Code Academy and learn how to make your own website!

Hubspot Academy
HubSpot is a popular online marketing software, which also now has its own consulting service called HubSpot Academy. At this website, aspiring entrepreneurs can learn inbound marketing tactics, participate in group conferences and get certified by one of HubSpot’s programs.

Have you used any one of these resources before? Which did you find useful?