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Watch Out Campus Bookstores: Amazon To Open Third Campus Outlet

13 JAN 2016
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Amazon is announcing the opening of its third college campus outlet, this one located at the University of Pennsylvania.

UPenn students will soon be able to pick up and return their Amazon orders at an official Amazon central clearing facility—what Business Insider calls “one big Amazon Locker located on college campus.”

Amazon also announced its agreements to open locations at the University of California’s colleges at Davis and Berkeley, slated to occur later this year. The company already has locations established at the University of Massachusetts and the University of Cincinnati.

These pick-up locations are reported to be due in part to the huge volume of Amazon orders overwhelming college mailrooms nationwide, caused by students taking advantage of the company’s competitive pricing on items including textbooks. UPenn says that Amazon orders currently account for over half of the packages delivered to its student body.

College students make up a sizeable client base for Amazon, which offers students special discounts on services like Amazon Prime. Accessing Prime at half-price and getting free two-day shipping on all orders has encouraged a remarkable loyalty among students to the Amazon brand.

Some say this marks the beginning of the end of the college bookstore, often a social hub for students and valuable revenue-generator for university student unions. Others are welcoming Amazon’s presence on campus. Whether we like it or not, it’s clear that Amazon is continuing to expand its empire—and its sights are set on higher education.

Source: Business Insider