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War-torn Ukraine Turns to the Internet for Education

1 DEC 2014
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In the city of Donetsk, Ukraine, schools have been closed as a result of the ongoing conflict which has taken over the eastern part of the country for nearly a year now. Given the dangerous climate, children have found difficulties attending schools and in some cases schools have been closed for the time being.

But teachers and students have set up another means of learning: the internet. 50 out of 150 schools in the Donetsk region have switched over to internet learning, which equals approximately 45% of schoolchildren. Teachers and principals have seen that in the face of their schools being closed, there is no other time that students are more fascinated to learn.

Learning online does come with its shortcomings.

Mathematics is difficult to teach online without the aid of a teacher to visually present the material. However, students are diligently sending in their homework, and teachers are very happy with the commitment their pupils have to their education.

For those who are not caught up on what’s happening in Ukraine, here are some quick facts:

  • Feb. 2014 former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych refused to accept the offer for Ukraine to join the European Union, leading to protests.
  • Russia invaded Crimea under the front of “peacekeeping”.
  • Crimea votes to become annexed by Russia and leave Ukraine
  • As of now, fighting continues between pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine and the government of Ukraine.

Source: Metro Ottawa