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Virtually Visit Museums with These Apps

22 OCT 2014
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Museum apps

Going to the museum is a luxury many of us have little time to enjoy. For students, the cost can sometimes be a large deterrent, even with student discounts. However, museums can be an inspiring place, full of information which can be very valuable to anyone studying history or art. Although seeing a picture of a painting or sculpture doesn’t have the same effect as actually seeing the art piece in person, the following apps have all the information one would get from the museum itself, and a high-resolution photo to go with it. For our readers who can’t always go to the museum, or can’t get up and go to New York to visit MOMA, here are some of the apps which let you get a virtual museum experience:

  1. MOMA: This app is available for iOS systems and has different functions such as “Browse Gallery”. You can save favourite paintings to “My Collections”, and there is also a calendar which shows upcoming exhibitions.
  2. Canadian Museum of Civilization: This app gives you the audio tour of all the art pieces, with accompanying photos and descriptions.
  3. Guggenheim: App includes building and collection guides in multiple languages, info on more than 1500 works of art in the museum and a weekly program calendar. The app also keeps the information of your membership card, if you have one!
  4. Louvre: A less comprehensive app than the others, but it lets viewers see the photographs of 100 masterpieces in the Louvre, and includes an audio tour.

Source: Mashable