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The Video That Will Make You Share a Book Today

16 SEP 2014
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Save the Children recently released this powerful video, which depicts the consequences of a father’s choice to put his son in front of the television instead of reading to him. We are taken through the daily struggles the grown boy encounters, unable to function normally in life and experiencing difficulty with seemingly simply everyday tasks like reading a metro sign.

Save the Children is a U.K.-founded organization (also running in Canada) working in 120 countries to protect child rights everywhere, from health to poverty to education. The company performs extraordinary work in the U.K., Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America, and just last year worked with over 15 million children. The organization has a high priority to help children who have been stricken by a crisis, natural disaster or poverty to keep going to school. From their website: “Children always tell us the same thing in emergency situations: what they want most of all is to get back to school”. This message is inherent all over the world. Despite North American press depicting student disobedience and disregard, children actually do enjoy going to school and learning.

We may put aside more time-consuming and active roles such as reading to our children because we are tired, because of work, or whatever it may be. This video is a reminder that these days, weeks, years of disregard tally up to how your child will also approach education in the future. It has been said before that one of greatest gifts you can give is the gift of literacy. If you do not have a child, read to a younger sibling. Provide a book for someone you know who doesn’t often read or own many themselves. Offer to tutor young children. If a child is presented with books at a young age, they will develop a love of reading that carries on into adulthood. To get to this point, we must start somewhere.

There are several Canada literacy foundations which you can become involved with or donate to. Indigo stores have established the Love of Reading Foundation, which offers an accessible way to donate in stores all across Canada.

When is the last time you shared a book with somebody?

Source: Huffington Post