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Is This Video Game the Key to Effective Teaching and Learning?

28 AUG 2015
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Minecraft is a video game that enables users to break and place different types of 3D blocks in order to build and explore anything they can imagine. Recently, Education Week reported that this game might actually have educational benefits.

Joel Levin, the co-founder of TeacherGaming LLC—a company that creates classroom-ready games, like MincraftEdu—says “it’s no longer a farfetched idea that Minecraft could be useful for teaching and learning.”

Levin believes that the game has the ability to engage students and encourage them to make connections to important subjects, like physics for example. And, the best part of it all is that children will have fun while they are learning!

“It’s a powerful moment when you take something kids love and are passionate about, and you bring it into the school day, and you say, ‘Show me what you can do with it,’ ” said Levin.

How Is Minecraft Being Used in Classrooms?

Currently, Minecraft is being used in the classroom in a variety of ways. In fact, some educators are using the game to have their students do in-depth research on famous landmarks and architectural sites, and then create virtual replicas of them.

Pearson Education has also chimed in on the educational benefits of Minecraft, stating that “it can be used to help motivate students to tackle two of the more challenging standards associated with the Common Core State Standards: reading challenging informational texts, and writing for an “authentic” audience.”

What are your thoughts on the use of video games in education?


Source: Education Week