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Vermont Student Reduces His Carbon Footprint in a Unique Way

19 AUG 2015
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Modern House with Photovoltaic System

What measures would you take to reduce your carbon footprint? While some people might consider driving a low-carbon vehicle, or perhaps using energy-efficient kitchen appliances, one Vermont student has definitely made some unique living adjustments.

Rob Dunn, a Green Mountain college student who lives in Poultney, Vermont, has been residing in a 96-square-foot solar-powered house for the past year. So far, doing so has helped him reduce his carbon footprint and save tons of money.

While the landowner allows Dunn to live on the grounds free of rent, building the solar-powered house cost the college senior a total of $3000.

Dunn’s two-story home is powered by two 100-watt solar panels. He cooks his food and heats his home with a rocket mass heater that was built from a cast-iron stove insulated with clay, straw and sand.

In an interview with The Rutland Herald, Dunn states that living in this environmentally-friendly home is “the most raw experience” he’s ever had.

What would you do to reduce your carbon footprint?


Source: Business Insider