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Unpaid Interns are Losing up to $1,000 a Month

13 NOV 2014
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A recent study has shown that one third of graduate students working at internships receive no pay. For reference, these students are paying around 1000 euros a month in living costs, meaning that they are losing this amount of money each month and saving nothing. Interns who work for more than a month are legally entitled to the minimum wage payment after this point. Even more surprising is that there are currently 21,000 unpaid interns working in the U.K. In Canada this number is 100,000, and certainly many more in the U.S.

Some examples of popular unpaid internships include:

  • Interning for an MP
  • Administration correspondence
  • Fundraising
  • Campaigning
  • Social media and blogging for magazines

The Guardian points out that taking on unpaid internships as a way to score a job is largely out of the means of most students, who are struggling to get on their feet. These internships only really help people in already privileged positions, who can afford to not get paid. In most provinces in Canada, unpaid internships are against the law unless they are a part of a school program, are a part of a training program for a profession or the intern meets the requirements of a “trainee”.

Be sure to make sure you internship is legit, by contacting the company, reading your province’s internship legislation and getting in contact with people who have worked there previously. For some awesome internship resources online, check out: or for thousands of postings.

Source: The Guardian