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Why University is Still Worth The Investment

30 DEC 2014
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There has been plenty of rhetoric these days about whether or not a college/university degree is truly worth the money. Well, we’re here to tell you one thing: it is.

Tuition costs are rising 5% a year, worrying many that the debt will outweigh any money they can make back in 10 years’ time. These skeptics may be surprised to hear that those with degrees however, actually earn 98% more than those with none.

Most of the issue is not with salary, but rather finding the job in the first place. In a tricky job market, graduates can be assured that the majority of the time, employers will choose college grads over those with no degree.

While money is on many peoples mind when going to university, it is important to keep in mind that university also promotes important life skills and is a place to make connections and improve your mind.

Here are some of the top benefits to going to university today:

  • Gain independence
  • Boost your confidence
  • Train your mind
  • Secure a career
  • Receive higher pay
  • Bring necessary skills to your country
  • Meet new people and network

Source: Mashable