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University of Toronto TAs Going on Strike

2 MAR 2015
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Around 6,000 teaching assistant at the University of Toronto are hitting the picket line today as a deal fell through to provide TAs with better pay. Teaching assistants at U of T are represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees, who are arguing that TA’s are receiving payments below the poverty line. In Toronto, the income poverty line is $23,647/year. At U of T, teaching assistants are paid $15,000/year. Because TAs are usually graduate students, they often don’t have time outside of tutorials to hold down a part-time job. Meanwhile, the $15,000 is nowhere near enough to cover the cost of living in Toronto, on top of other basic needs.

U of T is not alone is this fight. TAs at York University are currently in negotiations, and may begin picketing as early as this week. Issues at York include job security for contract teachers, and the extravagant tuition costs for international graduate students.

What do you think can be done to help lower the pressure on graduate students?

Source: Globe and Mail