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This University Offers its Grads a Money Back Guarantee

4 AUG 2015
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A common struggle among many college and university graduates is their ability to find work soon after completing their studies. While many schools promote their commitment to employability after graduation, one university in particular has definitely gone above and beyond.

According to The Telegraph, the University of Law in Chester, UK, has recently announced that students who do not secure a job after 9 months following graduation will be given half of their tuition fees back. ULaw currently has an employment rate of 97 per cent; therefore it is quite unlikely that the school will be required to refund many students.

David Johnston, CEO of ULaw, says that “today’s students want a clear return on their investment.” And of course, for most students this “return” refers to securing a full-time job shortly after graduation.

ULaw’s new money back guarantee might just be a stroke of genius—not only will it encourage prospective students to send in their applications, but it also encourages the school to do all it can to ensure its graduates find work.

Would you pursue a university education if you knew there was a limited risk?