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University of British Columbia in Possession of a 13th Century Papal Document

10 MAR 2015
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It was a combination of a lot of things that got UBC in the possession of a 13th century Papal document, signed by the Pope and 13 cardinals. This 800 year old document was retrieved by UBC after the university placed a bid on it from an antique bookseller in London, England.

The document is called a “Papal bull”—a decree issued by the Pope, supposedly around 1245, to give $15,000 to a monastery in Italy which was under attack by enemies.

Why purchase this ancient artifact though? While students do have access to hundreds of online archived material, professors find that students engage better when they are actually learning first hand from primary documents.

Dr. Pollard from UBC remarks that the document provides a “very tangible, emotional connection with the medieval world.” Such a connection can help students find a deeper interest in medieval history and deciphering ancient texts.

Source: University Affairs