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University Gets Their Own Bookstore on Amazon

28 AUG 2014
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University Get Thier Own Bookstore on Amazon

Purdue University in Indiana has become the first school teamed up with Amazon to provide discounted books to post-secondary students.

Amazon Student is a pre-existing membership program designed to assist students through special discounts and promotions, along with a six month free shipping trial. While this platform is definitely beneficial for students, an exclusive online bookstore like Purdue University’s takes the idea a step further.

Amazon gives Purdue students the option to rent or buy their textbooks (new or used), while also offering supplies and school branded clothing. Renting books rather than buying them new comes at a significantly cheaper cost—about half the price. The online bookstore also categorizes all the books required for each course offered by the university, making online shopping easier. At the end of their studies, Purdue students have the option to sell back their books, also online. If your thing is eBooks, you’ll be happy to know that Amazon also offers many textbooks in digital format, which can be downloaded straight to your computer.

The partnership with Amazon gives Purdue University students the chance to save 30% on textbooks, which works out to be an annual six million saved collectively. Given that students spend $1,370 a school year on books, Amazon bookstores can be expected to start catching on in more universities across the U.S. and Canada. Free two-day shipping and the ability to avoid September bookstore lines are benefits any university student today would stand up for.

Check out for yourself the great system they have going on at the Purdue Amazon store.

Has your school helped students cope with the cost of textbooks? What additional benefits could be offered to students through an online bookstore?

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