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UNB Finds Original Star Wars Script in Their Library

10 JUN 2015
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Unsuspecting librarian Kristian Brown at the University of New Brunswick library came across an unusual discovery while digitizing the institution’s science fiction books this week. Hidden in the depths of their library, unseen by students all these years was a copy of the original 1977 Star Wars movie.

Proof of the script’s authenticity stems from the official Lucasfilms Industries stamps on the front—George Lucas’ production company that still exists to this day. Representatives of Lucasfilms commented that the script copy appears to be a fan-made version, which might ruin its monetary value, but doesn’t disturb its importance as a treasure of film history and pop culture.

As for how UNB ended up with the script, so far it’s a mystery. Brown believes a librarian in the 1990s brought it to the library, but it was forgotten over the years.

UNB plans to display the rare Star Wars script copy along with the other rare books in their collection.

Do you think other universities libraries across the country hold significant treasures like this?

Source: CBC News