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New UK Laws Might Prompt Nurseries to Take In Less Children

9 SEP 2015
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three little girls and female teacher in kindergarten

The UK Government’s Childcare Bill will have nurseries double their free hours from 15 to 30 hours for 38 weeks each year. And while this may seem like a positive change for parents (who can get double the amount of free childcare for their three and four year old children), the new law may pose a threat to nurseries altogether.

The Telegraph  reported that The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) said that many members are already absorbing losses with their nurseries, having to seek financial support from their mainstream budgets.

NAHT members believe that increasing free childcare from 15 to 30 hours a week could result in a reduced number of total children that nurseries can afford to take in. And while members are in agreement with the need to extend free childcare to families, a funding formula needs to be developed in order to meet the high demand and costs.

The general secretary of NAHT, Russell Hobby said “We support the aspiration to offer extra free childcare to working families and we believe the plan can work but the Government now needs to keep to the commitments it has made about looking at funding and consulting with providers – otherwise some families could lose out.”

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