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Udacity Introduces Nanodegrees, Raises $105 Million Series D Round

11 NOV 2015
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About one year ago, Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun partnered with a range of large tech companies to introduce a new method of learning through ‘nanodegrees.’ Today, Udacity’s nanodegree programs are doing quite well, as the company just raised $105 million to continue its recent growth!

In an attempt to introduce a democratic approach to education, Thrun founded Udacity—a hub where students could take online courses—however, he quickly realized that the success rate for such courses was fairly low, since students were not completing them. Therefore, Thrun partnered with companies like Google, Cloudera, Facebook and more to introduce a range of ‘nanodegree’ programs—which are tailored precisely for the needs of each company, ensuring students find work upon completion.

To enroll in a nanodegree program, students must pay $200 each month, for approximately six to nine months. And, in the event that they complete the program entirely, they can receive up to have of their tuition back.

Udacity currently offers 9 different nanodegree programs, including; Machine Learning Engineer, Android Developer, Tech Entrepreneur, iOS Developer and more.

Would you enroll in one of Udacity’s nanodegree programs?


Source: Business Insider