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U.K. Geography Teacher Goes Globetrotting to Inspire his Students

11 SEP 2014
Career Path : Education News

Geography teacher Matthew Bell left his banking job to become a geography teacher, but an unconventional one at that. During his 6-week breaks, Bell travels around the world so he can better teach his students (he has so far been to 55 countries). Bell believes that secondary resources like textbooks or the internet disengage students, so he has made his travels the basis of his lessons.

Bell hopes to encourage students to follow his lead and maximize their potential by experiencing a variety of places in life. Instead of relying on an outdated textbook photo, Bell can use his own photos, and engage students through his real-life experiences and stories.

The geography students take a yearly international trip, which Bell makes sure to give free reign on. Students decide on a location and how it ties into the curriculum. They phone travel agents, and write up proposals for the school committee and parents. All of this, Bell believes, will make students better travellers in the future and encourage them to expand on their love of geography.

Source: The Guardian