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Typographers and Homeless Shelter Make “Homeless Fonts”

18 NOV 2014
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In Barcelona, Spain, a homeless shelter named the Arrels Foundation has teamed up with typographers for one very cool project. The idea was to raise money for the homeless in the city. The process? Selling authentic typeface.

The homeless are known for their cardboard signs with writing—a concept which the Arrels Foundation began to envision as individual art pieces. The foundation had several different homeless men and women volunteer to write the alphabet in their own handwriting. The foundation then hired typographers to translate this handwriting into a digital typeface. You can buy these fonts on—a great resource for website designers or marketers who are looking for new and interesting fonts. The website also has individual biographies of the homeless men and women who created these fonts. If you need something to brighten your day, check out this video!

Source: Huffington Post