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Twitter Professors to Follow Today!

22 OCT 2014
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Twitter professors to follow today

People think social media and higher education don’t normally go hand in hand, but that’s probably because they haven’t been following these professors on Twitter. Now, the designation “professor” doesn’t necessarily mean these people teach at universities, although some do. A Twitter professor tweets or retweet educational content and engages in educational conversation with followers.

If you want to learn about online marketing, follow @cspenn. For information regarding journalism, follow @jayrosen_nyu. For nifty science education updates, you can follow Andrew Maynard @2020science.

While these are Twitter accounts manned by one person and holding one person’s perspective, here are a list of Twitter accounts which are design to make you smarter with educational facts and links:

  • @mental_floss: perfect for trivia junkies.
  • @neiltyson: Twitter account of noted astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (he tweets about space!)
  • @tedtalks: A source of great innovative ideas!
  • @NASA: For space enthusiasts.
  • @melindagates: Wife of Bill Gates, advocate of human rights.

Source: Mashable