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Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report Gives Insight into Residential School Era

3 JUN 2015
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For six years, the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions has investigated and examined the effects of the residential school system in Canada, a series of boarding schools run by the Church between 1876-1996.

Since then, residential school survivors have shared their stories of abuse, deprivation, and the loss of their cultural heritage as a result of the schools’ aim to assimilate the indigenous people of Canada into European-Canadian culture.

The report describes how the legacy of residential schools lives on through systematic racism against indigenous people, deprivation of indigenous education funding, and the mass poverty seen in reservations across the country.

The report includes 3,201 registered deaths of children under residential school care, although Justice Murray Sinclair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission estimates this number to actually be in the 6,000’s.

The full report is set to be released later this year.

Source: The Toronto Star