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The Truth Behind 2 Common College Admission Myths

27 NOV 2015
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Let’s be honest, finding the right college, applying to it, and anxiously awaiting a response is stressful enough. So why add false myths and misconceptions about college admission into the mix? Whether you’re still trying to decide which colleges you’d like to apply to, or you’ve already applied, here’s a quick guide to the truth behind a few common college myths.

Myth #1: You Have to Map Out Your “Long-term Plan” Before Applying

While some students know from a young age that they want to grow up to become doctors, astronauts and lawyers, not everyone is that prepared. In fact, many students change their minds multiple times before even filling out their college applications. Knowing exactly what you’ll be doing in the future is a lot to ask of a young student, and colleges don’t expect this of you. In fact, it may come as a relief to learn that knowing what field you’d like to major in is not an admission requirement (although, it does help to have an idea). In addition, students can even change their majors once they are admitted.

Myth #2: There’s Only One College That’s Right for You

Your grandparents, parents and all of your siblings attended the same college, so that must be the one you should go to as well, right? Wrong! There are tons of great colleges out there and it’s important to explore your options before making a decision. Remember that it is your own decision and not one that should be made by anyone else. Continue working hard as you approach finals, check out as many colleges as you can, and you’re sure to make the right decision!

What are some of your concerns about college admission?