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Top Grammar Apps For Children and Educators

21 DEC 2015
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If you aspire to become an early childhood or elementary school educator, you might find that it can be difficult to hold the attention of young children, once you start your career. Fortunately, there are many new online apps that could help make learning grammar a little more fun for kids! Here are a few of the most popular (and most effective) ones:

1. Grammar Police

While this app does cost $0.99, it is quite handy as it is both entertaining and educational. Designed and developed by certified English teachers, the Grammar Police app places children in an interactive game where “grammar criminals” (those who use incorrect grammar) must be corrected! Users must complete the sentences on the screen by tapping the correct word.

2. Grammar Wonderland

Created by McGraw-Hill Education, this $2.99 app allows users to journey through a series of different worlds and play educational adventure games that appear at random. Students could also choose to participate in a game of their choosing. Each game tests a specific skill, so students will be able to learn and sharpen a wide range of skills using a single app.

Do you know of any other effective grammar apps?

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