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Today Marks National Education Day in India

11 NOV 2014
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On November 11th of every year, India celebrates Education Day to commemorate the birth of Indian scholar and political leader Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Azad was the first education minister of India, and held office from 1947-58, just after Indian independence. Azad was close to Ghandi, and travelled with him across India to promote education and social reform. He also put emphasis on educating rural and poor young girls, adult literacy, and free compulsory education for children until the age of 14.

Here are some quick facts about Indian education, both primary, high school and post-secondary.

  • At the primary level, 80% of all schools in India are government run, making government the largest provider of education in the country.
  • India suffers from a shortage of teachers, 25% lacking every day.
  • Higher education enrollment is only at 20%
  • Math is put in great importance, meaning many students to fill engineering jobs.
  • Indian higher education is affordable.
  • National Literacy rate is at 74.07%
  • In 2001, women’s literacy was at 50%, in 2011 it was 65.46%

It can be seen that India still has a long way to go to achieve universal education and literacy, but the increase in women’s literacy in 10 years alone goes to show that the country has put an emphasis on revolutionizing their education system.