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Tips to Running a Startup Out of College

17 OCT 2014
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They've got the know-how

If there is such a designation in the tech world, startups are the “it” thing today. With a broader understanding of technology trickling down to students as young as kindergarten, and an overall easier accessibility to technology, almost anyone can invent a program these days. What matters is finding the right program, one that people truly need and will use.

Startup companies are generally new and in the development phase, searching for possible investors and markets. Here are some of the best-known companies which began as startups:

  • Flickr
  • Pinterest
  • Google
  • Kickstarter
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • eBay

What many of these startups have in common is that their creators were college students, or newly graduated from college. Mashable recently published a guide for how college students today can balance their startup dreams with college work. Here are some of their best pointers:

  1. Take advantage of university resources. In university we may fail to make full use of all the free resources that come with our tuition. This includes professors, entrepreneurial contests for students, and numerous technical resources.
  2. Opportunity to find partners. Universities have thousands of students. The chances of you finding someone similarly minded and technically compatible with you are very high. Facebook began as a partnership between roommates. If this isn’t an option, try networking with classmates in marketing and business courses.

  3. Use the convenience of university to start your buildup. There may not be another time in your life where you aren’t working full-time, or living in such close quarters to other inventive students and academic resources. Don’t wait until graduation to begin your start-up, instead start trying to develop while in college. If you find during your planning that you need a certain skill set, like graphic design, you have the opportunity to take a course in this field. This is also just good advice in general—don’ts wait to pursue your dreams, because you never know if the moment might pass.