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How is Technology Reshaping Education?

29 JUL 2015
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Over the past few decades, technology has grown to become an essential part of our lives. In fact, it is used regularly across many industries including business, medicine, and of course, education. Recently, education has been experiencing somewhat of a tech revolution, as tablets, smartboards and technology-based curriculum have all been integrated into many classrooms across North America.

It seems as though technology’s recent infiltration into schools has prompted the remodelling of the education system as we know it. In fact, here are a few major changes that have already occurred as a result of the shift towards technology:

  1. The introduction of new, technology-based, curriculum in schools—students will need these skills to succeed in tech industries.
  2. The growing popularity of vocational schools, which provide students with hands-on skills in coding, software development and much more.
  3.  Higher education schools have begun offering majors focused on technology, providing students with the choice to pursue tech careers.

Have you noticed any other tech movements within the education system?