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Tech in School Struggles (and Fails) to Keep Up

13 NOV 2014
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Despite so many technological developments being made in computers, tablets and phones, it seems like schools have been perpetually stuck in the 90s with their technology. Many school children also still have to wait more than five minutes for a computer to even log in, due to outdated network applications. While schools are often quick to jump on new software (because it is cheap and easy to get), hardware has become neglected.

A 2013 survey of Canadian teachers revealed that a lack of money, lack of current technology and a lack of professional development were the top three barriers to integrating technology in the classroom. The Ontario government actually conducted an analysis of computer labs in Ontario schools and came to the conclusion that they would roll out a $150 million fund to pay for tablets, laptops and other technology for schools. School boards actually have the goal of fitting every student with a laptop; however this is still too expensive. Some schools have implemented a Bring Your Own Device policy, to offset the outdated technology in classrooms and computer labs.

Source: National Post