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Teaching Deaf Children Through Art

25 JUN 2015
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One Regina teacher has turned to art as way to combat low literacy levels in her deaf and hard of hearing class. While the students in Joanne Weber’s class at Thom Collegiate are high school age, they are currently reading at the grade 4 level—a troubling trend she has seen progress in recent years. Being a visual learner and deaf herself, it only seemed natural to turn towards visual forms of teaching.

Instead of writing a book then illustrating it, she got her students to create the drawings, then write. Using such techniques, art has helped her students complete ideas, write complete words, and recognize words and concepts easier.

The lower literacy rates are a result of several factors, according to Weber. Factors include an increase in television watching and a lack of sign language being used at home. Often, parents are too busy to learn sign language fluently, which unfortunately directly affects a deaf child’s learning. An increase in at-home language skills, she says, will help improve deaf literacy rates in schools.

Source: CBC News