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Teach 18 Months of Math in Only 6 Weeks?

1 OCT 2014
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Calculating on an abacus

In the Malawi capital of Lilongwe, a classroom of primary school students is currently testing out a new educational platform designed by the non-profit group Onebillion.

The organization was born out of the educational software company EuroTalk in 2014. Founders Andrew Ashe and Jamie Stuart believe that technology and apps are the way to radically change how marginalised children learn. So far, the group has developed apps in maths, with plans to expand to reading and English. They are currently gathering research on the app’s performance to educate students—and the results are quite extraordinary.

With 30 minutes every day to complete assignments on the apps, the children in Lilongwe have increased their math knowledge to level typically expected after 18 months of teaching—in only six weeks. Malawi is not expected to reach the U.N.’s millennium target of all children receiving a proper primary education by 2015. There has been progress though: enrollment is up from 78% in 2005 to 83% in 2009. Unfortunately, it is a shortage of teachers which is halting education growth. Onebillion hopes that some of that consequence can be relieved through the use of technology learning tools.

Source: Huffington Post