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For Syrian Children, School Continues on in Tents

7 NOV 2014
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syrian refugees school continues

In a refugee camp in the city of Suruc, Turkey, children are finally getting a chance to go back to school after they were forced out of their native Syria by ISIS attacks. A blue tent now serves as a school for dozens of Syrian boys and girls, whose grateful parents are happy their children can finally find some sense of normalcy in their situation.

Along with education, the school also provides trauma support for refugee youth who may be suffering from the attacks on their cities, or from losing family members. As of now, the school can only support teaching children ages 7-10, and the lessons are limited to Kurdish and writing. The school runs off donated money and items like desks and supplies. While the teachers and parents acknowledge this education is certainly not enough in the long run, many are simply grateful that there is something to keep children learning, and their minds away from the war ravaging their country.

Source: Huffington Post