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Swedish-Designed Font to Counteract Dyslexia

14 NOV 2014
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Dyslexia is a learning disorder which affects 70-80% of students placed in learning disabilities classes, and approximately 1 in 5 people. The disorder is characterized by difficulty with fluent reading, and can be caused by non-neurological factors like poor instruction or vision impairment, but also neurological effects like an auditory processing disorder.

Seeing as dyslexia is the most common reading disorder on earth, a Dutch designer by the name of Christian Boer has invented a new typeface designed specifically for those with dyslexia. Boer himself suffers from dyslexia, and his “Letters of Dyslexie” font incorporates heavy baselines, and alternates stick and tail lengths and curve directions. This is to counter when people with dyslexia unconsciously switch words, rotate or mirror letters in their mind.

Check out this video, which not only showcases Boer’s font, but visually displays how dyslexia works with some people. Check out the YouTube comments too–testimonials show that people with dyslexia have used the font and it has indeed helped them read better!

Source: Huffington Post