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Stunning Photos Capture School Playgrounds Around the World

13 APR 2015
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Photographer James Mollison set out on a mission to capture the essence of child’s play by taking stunning photographs of school children at recess. Inadvertently, he also showcased the severe lack of play space and play equipment offered by schools around the world.

for this photography collection, some of which can be found here, Mollison traveled from places like Massachusetts to Sierra Leone. While some schools offered basketball courts, luscious fields and forests, many were simply excess pieces of uninspiring concrete, or even litter-filled dumps.

In recent years, there has been what many could call a “war on playgrounds”. A culture of lawsuits has led to a fear of children injuring themselves. As a result, many schools are now offering ultra safe playground equipment which some, like UBC researcher Susan Herring, say don’t challenge children’s brains enough.

After observing that children on Vancouver playgrounds looked “bored”, Susan decided to focus her efforts on researching the effect of playgrounds on a growing child.

“If you look at childhood development and the way that children learn, they need to be able to take gradual risk so they can learn the consequences.”

In order to go back to the times when children would climb trees, and scramble in the forest during their free time, one Nova Scotia school is trying to develop “natural playgrounds”. Using rocks, trees and the natural landscape, these playgrounds would offer children more than just plastic and sand—and invoke their curiosity about the world around them.

Source: Huffington Post