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Students in Myanmar March Against Education Bill

21 JAN 2015
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Myanmar little monk reading book outside monastery

A new education bill introduced by parliament has students across Myanmar protesting. The president of Myanmar, Thein Sein called on parliament to make amendments to the education laws surrounding the formation of student unions, the promotion of ethnic literature and language teaching and the promotion of schooling for children across the country.

Many students see these laws as not only impeding on their freedom, but also setting the county back in education progress. The government has rejected student offers to consult about the bill, so action has begun.

Students have planned to form a march, 360 miles from Mandalay City to Yangon, stopping in various universities along the way to promote discussion. The students say they do not believe in carrying weapons for the march, though they do expect to see some retaliation from the authorities.

The march is set to take up to two weeks, after which the students will set up a protest camp in Yangon.

Source: Bangkok Post