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Students Demanding Universities to End Fossil Fuel Investments

27 AUG 2014
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Students Demanding Universities Drop Fossil fuel Investments

Divestment—the opposite of investment, is an unfolding student movement in Canada. The term is being used to describe the movement to have universities drop their investments in fossil fuel companies. It may come as a surprise, but nearly all major Canadian universities hold shares in these environmentally destructive enterprises. The facts ring in at North American colleges and universities collectively owning $12 billion worth of stock in fossil fuel companies.

Students recognize the oxymoron in having an institution educating and shaping the next generation while also supporting the detriment of their health. Student activists agree that the end to this environmental crisis begins with terminating university’s major investments.

With Alberta being a major source of North American fossil fuels, and tar sands a large contributor to pollution, it’s no wonder Canadian university students are at the forefront of this struggle to end investments in fossil fuel companies. Already across the country, university student have formed groups to challenge their school boards, operating under such names as Divest UBC, Divest UofT and Divest McGill.

Up to now, the Divest movement’s struggle has been unsuccessful. Despite petitions and face-to-face meetings, no Canadian university has agreed to divest in fossil fuel companies. Student rallies continue to fight against the ruling of higher authorities, in hopes that a louder call to action will force school boards to listen.

To get your school or business involved, visit the divestment movement website

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