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Student Carries Friend to School Every Day for Three Years

28 APR 2015
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Sometimes, friendship and strength triumphs in the face of adversity. That is one lesson to take from the incredibly touching story of Chinese students Xie Xu and Zhang Chi. For three years now, Xie Xu has carried his friend Zhang Chi, who has muscle dystrophy, on his back to school. Meanwhile, the two remain the top students in their class. Their friendship and Xie Xu’s help has been ongoing for three years.

The two, now almost finished high school, are set to attend different universities after sitting the gaokao—the national Chinese college entrance examination.

While the story is touching, it brings to light the issue of a lack of supportive resources for people with disabilities. In a recent human rights report of China by the U.S., it was noted that there is a lack of formal assistance such as wheelchairs, and wheel-chair accessible buildings. In 2006, UNICEF estimated that there are 5.6 million children in China who are currently living with a disability, and as high as 90% of children in institutional care are disabled in some way. Good news is that there is becoming more and more recognition of disability rights in China, and hopefully stories such as Zhang Chi’s will help promote the need for disability services.

Source: The Independent