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Quebec’s Teachers On Strike & Angered By Bombardier Bailout

29 OCT 2015
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CBC News reports that Quebec’s public sector workers, who are currently on strike for the day, are less than pleased with Premier Philippe Couillard’s decision to defend the $1.32-billion bailout of Bombardier—the Canadian multinational aerospace and transportation company.

While Couillard stands by the decision to invest in Bombardier, saying: “It’s an investment. It gives us assurances that the headquarters will stay for 20 years in Montreal.” Teachers are objecting, insisting that at least some of the money should be put towards Quebec schools and education instead.

The ‘investment’ in Bombardier has left Quebec’s public sector workers questioning the province’s priorities. In fact, Royal West Academy teacher James Dufault told CBC News that the province’s support of Bombardier over Quebec’s schools shows that it is far more interested in businesses and the economy, rather than the education of Quebec’s children.

While the province is willing to offer teachers a mere three per cent pay increase over the next five years, Quebec public sector workers are demanding 13.5 per cent over the span of five years.

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