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The State of Education in Pakistan

24 NOV 2014
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In Pakistan, education is a challenge. It is not only the sheer quantity of children in the country (30 million children vs. 400,000 teachers), but the landscape of the country itself seems to halt education with every step taken. Floods ravage the country, leading to economic backtracks. Health obstacles like unclean water and a lack of medication don’t make things easier, nor does the political turmoil which has haunted the country for decades.

Pakistan is divided in provinces, and as such, education has become a provincial issue. This means that provincial leadership is crucial for passing education legislation. While the chief minister of education is aware there is much improvement needed for Pakistan’s education system, the good news is that the government is starting to make changes. While students have access to textbooks, and teachers have lesson plans, the biggest struggle facing education in the country is unqualified or poorly trained teachers, who cannot properly carry out the lesson plans. Right now, this is the biggest focus for improving education in Pakistan.

Source: Huffington Post