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Standardized Test Results are Dependant on Environment

10 NOV 2014
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standardized tests dependent on environment

The 2010s have brought on heavy discussion about the topic of standardized testing, and whether we are capable of changing this assessment of learning which disadvantages so many people. A research paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that students in Israel who took exams in a highly-polluted area performed poorer on their tests, which ultimately compromised their position in life.

The Israeli version of SATs called the Bagrut exams, are scheduled in randomized locations. The study reveals that students who took their exams in areas of higher pollution, performed worse than students in less polluted areas. Furthermore, increased levels of air pollution on testing day resulted in an average 2% loss of potential earnings later in life.

The study hopes to bring light to the weight society and the education system puts on high-stakes testing, and how uncontrollable factors can negatively impact a student’s outcome. Other incidences which have been tested in regards to exam outcomes were the impact of regional violent acts. The study, conducted in New York City, concluded that schools located near recent violent incidences had a higher level of negative test results.

Source: Huffington Post