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Space Craze: Tech Company Gets Students Programming Kits for Satellites

5 MAR 2015
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Ardusat, a tech company based in San Francisco has made a product which allows students to program sensors to track space conditions via satellites.

The company has come up with all-inclusive kits—a do-it-yourself circuit board with sensors which can collect data such as luminosity, temperature and magnetic fields from space. The purpose of such a device is so that students can make predictions about the atmosphere in space, and then get results from their circuit board sensors. These kits also have an online component, where students retrieve the results of the sensors.

The President of Ardusat hopes that this program will be an introduction for many students to the fascinating STEM material now available, which will hopefully encourage more youngsters to follow Stem-related career paths.

24 high schools currently use Ardusat space kits.

Source: Education News